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Sample plans: Auto Biology Business Developmental Drafting Liberal arts Nursing Software
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You may also provide a link to an external plan (see below)
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Text from the plan file or the above entry box will be examined for course-name sequences -- three or four capital letters followed by optional white-space separation and then exactly four adjacent digits. Each such sequence is saved as a course name (several on a line is okay).

All other input text is ignored, except that the first non-blank line is used as a title if it does not contain a course name, or as a plan address if it starts with "http://" and no course names are found.

External Plans: A link like http://foacc.tlok.org/course_costs.php?plan=hunter.ellinger.org/sample.plan can be used to analyse a plan located on a different website. Post files with the plans you are interested in on your own website, then make the links by replacing "hunter.ellinger.org/sample.plan" in the example with the URL of each plan.

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